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IPG International offers comprehensive leading table gaming equipment, unique proprietary product brands, product knowledge and services to fulfil any customer requirement.

Gaming table equipment

We are the preeminent company to partner with when operating, managing or investing in table gaming products within the Asia Pacific gaming industry and region.

IPG International can help manage existing operations or initiate new projects, and we can offer access to the most respected gaming table manufacturers and brands in the casino business, with worldwide reputations.



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After Sales Service

Our proficient and experienced sales team is available to ensure all operations are maintained at the highest technical standards and operational efficiency within a 24 hour response time.

Product Variety

We offer a diversified portfolio of table gaming products, services and distribution arrangements with leading-edge casino gaming equipment suppliers to ensure you have access to the best table gaming equipment


IPG International can supply both the initial and ongoing management for a variety of table gaming operations and equipment