June 15, 2020

IPG International Pty Ltd, an Australia-based supplier and operator of gaming equipment, has linked – via a partnership – with gaming industry veteran Kevin Scorgie to set up a table gaming sales and operations division at the company. Mr Scorgie will direct it.

IPG International issued a written statement on February 1, 2019 regarding the partnership. It didn’t go into specifics in terms of the economics of the deal. But the release said it would mean an expanded scope of services offered by the company.

“Teaming up with Kevin Scorgie to provide greater table games solutions for our customers is an exciting development,” said Iain Fairgrieve, IPG’s president of operations.

Mr Scorgie is a New Zealander who has worked in gaming in Europe, Southeast Asia and New Zealand, mainly in table games operations. For the past 18 years he has been in casino sales, consulting and management. Mr Scorgie’s title in his new role is director – table gaming sales and operations, and he will lead the new operation from his base in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

IPG International is a distributor and operator of gaming products and is based in Sydney, New South Wales. According to its corporate website, the company has been supplying casino gaming equipment and slot machine systems to gaming venues across the Asia-Pacific region since 1989.

“Kevin brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience in table-gaming-related products and services, which will be necessary to implement the plan to grow IPG’s international presence in the table gaming Oceanic region arena,” Mr Fairgrieve said.

The statement quoted Mr Scorgie as saying the new partnership showed IPG’s “dedication to improving table gaming sales and operations”.

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