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As a leading multi-product gaming distributor and operator, IPG can partner with you to drive your slot machine and casino revenue potential. We can work within your budget to maximise the best possible plans and revenue share.

Utilising our extensive knowledge of the gaming industry and the latest gaming machines or a mix of refurbished equipment, we can help you drive your gaming revenue.

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How it works


Initially, a company with a gaming licence will approach us to come up with revenue share options to come up with the best possible plans that suit their budget and needs.


We work through a games mix based on your budget, offering the latest gaming machines or a mix of refurbished equipment to reach your goals, and sign a contract to agree on these.


We offer our experience in complete operational support and expertise, as well as technical installations to ensure maximum returns.

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Our hands-on personalised approach combined with an extremely experienced management team.

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We work closely with our business partners on the ground to understand your business requirements.

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Benefit from our range of distribution channels with leading edge slot machine and casino gaming partners.